Principal Brian Lumar

Brian Lumar Principal

Brian Lumar Principal

Brian Lumar is an education professional who has become well known in the space for his innovative approach. Brian received his Master of Education degree specializing in Administration and Supervision from the University of Texas at Arlington and completed his education doctorate from Southeastern University. Brian Lumar later joined the Hahnville Tiger family where he served in a variety of capacities as an English/Speech teacher, head basketball coach, assistant principal, and principal. Brian Lumar, as a principal, was positively regarded by the school for his empathic, patient approach with staff, educators, and students. Notably, Mr. Lumar remained extremely invested in maintaining the community and motivating others to reach their individualized goals and ideas of success.

About Brian Lumar Principal

Throughout Brian Lumar’s experience as a principal and educator, he has built a reputation on his dedication to building a safe environment where integrity, respect, and caring are taught and modeled to facilitate success. Brian specializes in creating an atmosphere were diversity, equity, and inclusion are prioritized and individuals show respect for one another’s people, customs, cultures, and beliefs. He mentions that his primary goal as a principal and educator is to prepare his students to be positive, productive, and proud members of society.

Brian Lumar Explores Tips for Effective School Leadership

Effective school leadership is crucial for a variety of reasons. Brian Lumar, as a principal and education expert, recognizes that students and staff alike look to leaders to set strong examples, provide a source of safety and support, and more. Naturally, many experts and thought leaders within the industry have spoken to just how many moving parts there can be when addressing school administration, pointing to methods that professionals can take to hone their acumen. Here, Brian Lumar draws from his experience as a principal to include tips for maintaining effective leadership in school environments.

Establish Clear Goals

School leaders need goals to contextualize their efforts and be successful for the sake of staff, educators, and students. There are a multitude of goals that school leaders can home in on, but Brian Lumar encourages new professionals to try to set goals that are as clear as possible. Brian maintains that it is also a great idea to include short and long term goals in your plan. Reason being the short term goals that can be achieved more easily help to fuel the fire for goals that naturally have a larger scope. Once you have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish as an administrator, you can devise a plan to work towards your vision of success.

Get Involved in the School Community

The best education leaders are deeply invested in their school communities. After all, to truly adapt to the needs of the individuals you are responsible for, you must be involved and aware of how you can help. One of the greatest parts about getting involved is that it is possible to start small and scale up. Simply saying hello to students and faculty when you see them in the mornings or at the end of the day is a great way to be truly present. Events, conferences, volunteer opportunities, and assemblies are another common way that admins get involved in their communities. Remember that your relationships with students, staff, stakeholders, and peers are often defined by your ability to stay connected and present.

Contribute to a Healthy Education Environment

Brian Lumar speaks to how a healthy school environment is essential to the development of students. For this reason, it is essential that school leaders consider how they can work to contribute to such an environment at every turn. One of the most effective ways to facilitate a healthy school environment is to show both students and staff that they are supported through the school’s resources. Encouraging clear, empathic communication and reducing factors that contribute to unhealthy environments such as arguments, fights, and conflict can also go a long way towards a healthier space.

Lead By Example

Maintaining an education environment as an administrator is only possible if you are able to lead by example. Students and staff alike should be able to look to you as an embodiment of professionalism, respect, safety, and knowledge for you to truly earn their trust and lead effectively. This is especially the case for children as they tend to emulate people whom they respect. Brian encourages new school leaders to learn how to operate under a microscope as many people will be looking to them as an example of how to navigate the environment. Administrators should try to display characteristics such as responsibility, poise, empathy, kindness, good humor, and a variety of other qualities that they would like students and staff to uphold.

Stay the Course

School leadership, just like any path, can include ups and downs. Some days you may feel as though everything is going according to plan. Other days, tough conversations, obstacles, or other difficulties may make you feel like you are not doing the most that you can as an administrator. One of the defining traits of the best school leaders is that they take obstacles in stride and find meaning within their experiences to stay motivated. No one is perfect, and there will be days where things do not seem to go according to plan. What the field needs, however, is professionals who stay the course and remain dedicated to upholding positive environments as they are the glue that holds these communities together.

More from Brian Lumar Principal

The education space is constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of staff, students, and educators. Brian Lumar acknowledges that, as a principal and education expert, he is in the unique position to help people develop a better understanding of the field, recent developments in best practices, and receive insights from experts and thought leaders currently pushing innovation within the space. Through high-level resources that break down the ins and outs of education, he hopes to inspire others to build their acumen and contribute to education communities that we can all be proud of. Future posts from Brian Lumar, principal, and educator, will discuss pertinent topics such as how to contribute to a positive learning environment, helpful techniques for inspiring students, the impact of sports on children’s development, and more.

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