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The Benefits of Recreational Archery

Historically, archery was used for hunting. Today, it’s a fun sport for all ages requiring substantial strength and focus. But beyond enjoyment, the mental and physical health benefits are plentiful, positively impacting all who take up the hobby.

While archery is beneficial for everyone, Brian Lumar explains that it’s particularly valuable to children and younger generations who may be experiencing confidence, self-esteem, focus, and other challenges.

The 7 Best Benefits of Archery

Accessible for All

Regardless of age or physical ability, archery is perhaps one of the most accessible sports. Even people who’re blind can take up archery by utilizing special tactile equipment to take aim and fire.

Since only minimal equipment is required (especially when first starting out), it’s a sport that anybody can try without breaking the bank.

Improves Self-Esteem and Confidence

Archery combines physical and mental attributes while teaching archers about safety. Ultimately, this inspires boosted self-esteem and confidence, especially in young people figuring out where they fit in society.

Boosts Focus

To hit targets, archers must block their surroundings out, concentrating on their form every time they release the bowstring to let the arrow fly.

Accuracy is important in the sport, improving focus to achieve it. Of course, this doesn’t just help archers on the field; it’s useful in high-pressure life, school, and work environments.

Focusing under pressure is a skill many won’t truly learn until middle adulthood. But children and teenagers who take up archery are more likely to hone the skill early.

Enhances Sociability and Relaxation

Whether archers are playing at home with their family or at a range, they’ll become more sociable.

On top of that, those who practice archery will learn about teamwork and how to build healthy, lasting relationships with others — a skill particularly helpful for the younger generation as they navigate new romantic, platonic, and familial connections.

Aside from improved sociability, archery is a huge stress reliever. Archers have no choice but to relax and regulate their breathing when aiming and releasing the arrow. Otherwise, their chances of hitting the target diminish.

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Increases Patience

In the fast-paced digital world of today, patience is something that many children and teenagers struggle with. But archery requires staying power, ensuring precision over speed.

Accuracy takes time and immense patience, proving beneficial for everybody, especially those growing up in the digital age.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Using a bow and arrow requires the archer’s hands to work together doing different things. They learn to aim and fire using visual inputs, a process that eventually improves coordination.

Builds Physical Strength

The balance required to shoot arrows accurately requires a large amount of core strength. However, archers also develop physical strength in other areas like their shoulders, chest, and arms — similar to those who lift weights at the gym.

Recreational Archery: The Sport with Many Benefits

Archery is fantastic for people of all ages. However, the benefits are particularly important for children and young people navigating mental and physical changes.

By Brian Lumar

Principal Brian Lumar